We are Wildflower Bakes. We love community. We love serving others. And we love food. Capturing the essence of hope and perseverance - wildflowers are our emblem. We all encounter brokenness in our lifetime, and we believe in the healing nature of people gathering over food and doing life together. We don't think that there is much that can't be solved over a good conversation with a friend and a piece of pie.

How We Blossomed

And how did we get into the food business? It was a combination of a little chance and a whole lot of moxy. It wasn't much of a stretch for either of us as we love food and have some experience in the industry. However, none of us thought we would ever start our OWN business.

In 2017, both Heather and Desiree left their jobs to stay home with new babies. Around the holidays, they decided to make pies for friends and family, thinking it would be a fun way to connect with people and make some extra money. However, one thing led to another, and an offer came to us to be a vendor for a HUGE event. We didn't really have the common sense to say no. So we said yes! 

Here's where the chance and moxy come into play. We may not have had the experience needed, but we had the gumption. So we thought,what if we did this thing FOR REAL? What if we were able to pursue our passions for serving others and baking delicious treats as a business? And what if this business would provide us with the time and resources to give to our families? When we sold pies for Thanksgiving, we were proud of making 13 pies in one day. 1350 pie crusts later and well, things have changed. We have expanded our business to servicing both Sacramento and Siskiyou county regions. Chelsea, Heather's sister, has since joined the crew, helping expand this business even farther.

A lot of people say that business isn't personal - but for us, it is. Here we can express ourselves creatively. Here we will provide for our families. Here, our children will maybe one day come to work. And here, we can connect with others through food.

That's our story so far. We're not just wildflowers though, we're dreamers too! And trust us, we have BIG dreams of where this will go!

The Wildflowers


Heather Cummings

With a proud Italian heritage, rich in family and food, some of Heather's earliest memories in the kitchen were learning to bake oatmeal cookies and biscotti with her Grandma Geri.

A twin, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur, Heather enjoys the beauty of having her hands in a lot of things. Not just pie crust. Passionate about faith, community, horses, and fitness, this woman loves adventure, learning, and making the most of every single moment--which sometimes requires a little creativity and some persistence, and a lot of grace.


Desiree Carleton

Desiree is a wife, a mom to a toddler, and an avid book starter. Her interests include cooking, spending time outdoors, and connecting with those around her. Though she loves a good adventure, she has always been drawn to the beauty of home and gathering people around her turquoise table. (Haven't heard of the turquoise table movement? Look it up!)

She loves to experiment with recipes from Ree Drummond and Ina Garten. However, her true culinary inspiration comes from her Mother who taught her the value of hardwork, that most things can be solved with a friend over a warm cookie, and that food is the best love language there is.


Chelsea Johnson

As Heather’s twin sister, Chelsea shares many of the same fond memories enriched by her Italian roots. Cooking and baking has always been a labor of love, and a labor best endured alongside those she loves.

Born, raised, and currently residing in the mountains and forests of Northern California, Chelsea relishes adventure, and particularly that of raising her young family. She values honesty and goodness - two things that just happen to flourish in the presence of great food - and believes the best welcomes begin with an offer of coffee or tea.

let's be wildflowers
let our souls be scattered by the wind.
let us grow, wild, and free,
tall and brave,
in the places that we dream,
in the places where our longings are filled.
let us grow  between the cracks
of brokenness,
and we will make everything beautiful.